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Just a note to thank you again for doing business with me on the solar hardware. My system has been up since the beginning of the month – no hardware issues whatsoever. We made about 30 KwH today, and the best system peak performance has been just shy of 6000 watts. I’m quite pleased with it, and look forward to better production as the year progresses.

The Clock Is Ticking: Summer and Incentives

The Clock Is Ticking: Summer and Incentives


There are only 18 months of guaranteed solar rebates remaining.

That sounds like a lot. But consider these two things:

1. As of the beginning of May our installation calendar is already filling up fast.

2. Summer is the time when all those extra kilowatt hours you generate add up. And banked kilowatt hours means lower power bills in the winter.

This is the time to take advantage of longer, sunny days of summer as well as capitalizing on the last 18 months of guaranteed solar rebates.


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