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The January 2012 storm caught us a little off-guard. I was in New Orleans on business and Deanne was stuck in our home in Kirkland. We could not get to our home in Olympia. The power was out according to Puget Sound Energy at our Olympia home for about 3 days….a little more or less after talking with the neighbors. The temperature was at or below freezing. Several years ago we went through a burst pipe situation that ended up with us gutting the entire house and starting over. We vowed to never deal with that again. We had our solar system installed with battery backup to solve for this scenario. We met with Bruce and Kirk and laid out our requirements. The house needed to run on solar/batteries for a minimum of 4 days without our intervention….or sunlight. Kirk and Bruce designed a system for us that has exceeded our expectations. The sunlight was enough to keep recharging the batteries…our house could have gone longer than 4 days without power. When the power is out our furnace runs, the refrigerator keeps humming, and our home remains secure. Secondarily, our system produces clean renewable energy and what we do not use we sell back to PSE.

We are very pleased with our solar power system and battery backup.

About Us

South Sound Solar Inc. is the South Sound’s Leading Solar Expert.

South Sound Solar is a local, full service Solar Installer, based in Olympia, Washington. We are local leaders in the sales, engineering, design and installation of solar electric and solar hot water systems, both commercial and residential. As a local business, we take pride in our expertise of the Northwest’s solar potential.


Our Passion

solar 101 Our founder and president, Kirk Haffner, has been involved in the green energy movement for 30 years. He used his Masters in Physics to concluded that solar is the best individual energy source for Northwest residences and businesses. Solar is all we do, because we know it works.

We want everyone to go green, so our goal is to make the process as simple and easy for you as possible. That is why we do all the paperwork for you, and make sure you know all the great benefits that solar has to offer your home or business.


Our Experience

DSCN5434 Our Solar Experts have done hundreds of installs in the South Sound, as well as servicing and correcting other installs in the area. Their training is both hands on and formal. The team knows that you are never done learning, and we are constantly training and learning more about Solar, Construction, Electrical, Plumbing and Environmental Awareness.

Every South Sound Solar install ends with a happy customer. Our work, products, 3 year warranty on all workmanship, prices,  and our unbeatable customer service all make South Sound Solar the local choice for going green. All homeowners and businesses that chose South Sound Solar say they would refer us to anyone looking to go Solar. Infact, Kirk Haffner is often refered to as “The Solar Guy.”

Our Quality

527374_526157434077519_714125518_n We know that part of going green is supporting the local economy, and national jobs. That is why we proudly sell made in the U.S.A. solar panels that have been tested and highly, at the same price as other companies sell imported panels. These manufacturers all have rigid quality control and offer the industries best warranties.  We choose products from companies that are as passionate and enthusiastic about solar as we are.

Our President, Kirk Haffner, uses his Masters in Physics to make sure that the panels we sell are both the highest preforming and the most environmentally friendly available.  He calculates in benifits and payoff for each system, to make sure the panels and the set up are the best for you and your budget.