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The January 2012 storm caught us a little off-guard. I was in New Orleans on business and Deanne was stuck in our home in Kirkland. We could not get to our home in Olympia. The power was out according to Puget Sound Energy at our Olympia home for about 3 days….a little more or less after talking with the neighbors. The temperature was at or below freezing. Several years ago we went through a burst pipe situation that ended up with us gutting the entire house and starting over. We vowed to never deal with that again. We had our solar system installed with battery backup to solve for this scenario. We met with Bruce and Kirk and laid out our requirements. The house needed to run on solar/batteries for a minimum of 4 days without our intervention….or sunlight. Kirk and Bruce designed a system for us that has exceeded our expectations. The sunlight was enough to keep recharging the batteries…our house could have gone longer than 4 days without power. When the power is out our furnace runs, the refrigerator keeps humming, and our home remains secure. Secondarily, our system produces clean renewable energy and what we do not use we sell back to PSE.

We are very pleased with our solar power system and battery backup.

Our Process

Our Goal is to make going solar as easy as possible for you. We don’t quote until we see your unique location, hear your needs, and talk about your budget.



We measure your solar potential, inspect your home or business for compatibility, including construction, roof condition, electrical & plumbing compatibility and more.  Not all companies start by looking at your home or business, we do because that is the best way to design the most effective system for your needs.


A complete design and bid taking into account your unique property, budget and needs. Not all companies design a system just for you, we do because we know that your reason for going solar is unique, just as your solar potential and budget are. We design your solar system around your life.


The installation process usually is about 3 days for a residential system, depending on size and other factors. Our professional installers are experienced and do quality work. Our install truck even has solar, powering our equipment and providing a much quieter work environment.


We take care of every aspect of inspections and utility connections and paperwork. Your system is not complete until it passes inspection.


In the first year we arrange a complimentary service call, to make sure everything is working properly and that you are satisfied with the installation.

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