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Your install is exceeding my expectations. You may remember that we have a timer on the water heater. At present, the timer connects the tank elements to the grid for a couple of hours in the evening. We took a chance the other day and turned the timer off. The next day was fairly sunny. Ambient temp never got above about 40 deg. The loop ran for about 3 hours, taking the tank from 60 degrees at the lower probe up to about 110 degrees, which is the same temp that the AC elements achieve. I’m a little bit nervous about what’s gonna happen in August. We might have to put some shadecloth over the panel!

Neighborhood Projects

South Sound Solar is now offering solar projects for your neighborhood!

South Sound Solar has been the premier installer of photovoltaic (PV panels) and solar hot water systems in Thurston County since 2008. We strive to offer the highest quality systems at affordable prices and give you a positive solar experience.


The Neighborhood Solar Project makes getting solar easy for everyone.

You get our same great workshops, customer service, and quality systems as always. To help you save money, we’ve partnered with manufacturers and local lenders, and streamlined our processes. PLUS, with the Neighborhood Program, you save when you buy solar systems together. The more homes in the neighborhood to go solar, the more everyone saves.

Why go solar?

Yes, solar works in Western Washington. And the incentives make it worth the investment. When you add solar to your home, you:

  • Lower your power costs
  • Raise the value of your home (and your neighborhood!)
  • Avoid a lot of fumes and gases with every kilowatt you produce
  • Help make our country more secure
  • Receive tax credits, rebates and incentives


Neighborhood program advantages

When a neighborhood is interested in solar we can:

  • Share solar power information with more people
  • Give you a faster site evaluation
  • Partner with lending institutions
  • Organize bulk purchase from panel manufacturers
  • Offer a discount or rebate


How the neighborhood program works

Everyone wins when neighbors come together

  • Let us know you and your neighbors are interested in solar
  • Come to a Solar 101 workshop to get all your answers all at once
  • We assess your home’s solar potential (free)
  • If, after looking at all your data, you decide you want solar (YAY!) sign a contract
  • After all your neighbors say yes or no, we schedule your installation
  • You get solar and your bill goes down


What we offer

South Sound Solar is the South Sound’s leading solar installation company.

  • Local, family run company
  • Experienced and qualified employees
  • Quality system options
  • Best customer service
  • Deep knowledge of solar in pnw



Our free workshops explain:

  • How solar works
  • How solar works in Western Washington.
  • Whether your site is right for solar (some just aren’t)
  • What kind of estimated costs to expect
  • What kind of return you can reasonably expect


Get Started:

To learn about Neighborhood Solar Projects in your area, call our office at 360-352-7869