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Your install is exceeding my expectations. You may remember that we have a timer on the water heater. At present, the timer connects the tank elements to the grid for a couple of hours in the evening. We took a chance the other day and turned the timer off. The next day was fairly sunny. Ambient temp never got above about 40 deg. The loop ran for about 3 hours, taking the tank from 60 degrees at the lower probe up to about 110 degrees, which is the same temp that the AC elements achieve. I’m a little bit nervous about what’s gonna happen in August. We might have to put some shadecloth over the panel!

Solar Program Changes

Dear Customers, 

In 2017 the State Solar Incentive went through some changes. For customers with solar installed and certified before October 1st 2017 they may need to re-certify in the new programRe-certification must be done by April 30th 2018. Customers that were certified after the date are automatically registered in the new program. 

What To Do:

  • Visit Link to WSU Energy Program
    • This link guides you through the process.
    • Some utilities have online re-certification (through the above link)
    • Some utilities, but not all, are managing the re-certification for their customers.
    • Some utilities have not communicated yet.
    • If your utility does not communicate to you by March 31st Call US!

Program Changes:

  • The Program is now being run by WSU, and not Department of Revenue
  • Customers with solar certified before Oct 1st ’17 are part of the “legacy program” and may require re-certification. 
  • That’s it!
    • There is no change to how the program operates, annual incentive payments, and your incentive rate.


We are happy to help, please call with any questions or confusions. South Sound Solar wants all our customers to successfully transition to the new program and continue to receive incentive payments through June 2020.