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Your install is exceeding my expectations. You may remember that we have a timer on the water heater. At present, the timer connects the tank elements to the grid for a couple of hours in the evening. We took a chance the other day and turned the timer off. The next day was fairly sunny. Ambient temp never got above about 40 deg. The loop ran for about 3 hours, taking the tank from 60 degrees at the lower probe up to about 110 degrees, which is the same temp that the AC elements achieve. I’m a little bit nervous about what’s gonna happen in August. We might have to put some shadecloth over the panel!

South Sound Solar Newsletter

South Sound Solar Newsletter

       Changes in Solar Incentives – registration required 

                               See below for instructions!

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        Solar Summary for 2018
Hello fellow solar enthusiasts! Lots is happening with Solar news, upcoming events, and changes in the Solar Incentives. 2018 is looking to be a very exciting year!
Feature Installs – Residential
This lovely 11.89 kW Thurston County install uses Made in Washington ITEK Panels.
This system will cover 85% of the home owner’s annual energy usage.
This 9.9 kW Solar array uses ITEK 300W panels and SMA inverters. SMA inverters have a great feature called Secure Power Supply that allows you to use one outlet in your house for emergency power during the day.
 Feature Installs – Commercial
St Peter Hospital: Sunshine House
South Sound Solar did both the design and installation of this array. It has 142 REC panels with max production at 41 kW. With their new solar system, the Sunshine House has lower operating costs and utility bills.
Changes in Solar Incentive Program
Legacy customers must re-register by April 30th

If you are a solar customer you may have heard that there was a change in the incentive program. The solar production incentive program is now run through WSU. 

New solar customers will be registered for the incentive program by South Sound Solar at the time of install. Legacy solar customers, however, must transfer their registration from the Department of Revenue to WSU.  

You must submit a re-application to the WSU Energy Program to continue receiving annual incentive payments through June 30, 2020. The deadline for submitting the registration is April 30th, 2018. This link guides you through the process:

South Sound Solar wants all of our customers successfully transitioned over to the new program.  We are happy to help and please do not hesitate to contact us. 

         Solar System Financing
Wanting to go solar but unsure of the costs? Contact Generations Credit Union! They are a locally based credit union that provides Solar specific loans at a low interest rate. 

You can contact a GCC loan officer directly at: [email protected]

  Grant information

Are you a Small Business, Farm, Non-Profit or Public Entity?

We can help you apply for grants to fund your solar installation!


UPCOMING USDA Grant DEADLINES: 4/31/18 , 10/31/18 and 12/31/18

Contact Toby Dubes, Commercial Liaison, [email protected]

South Sound Solar Events
 Event date Notes
  Tacoma Remodeling Expo March 9-11th Kirk Will be Speaking.   Customer volunteers  welcome.
  South Sound Climate Action ConventionApril 14th  Kirk will be presenting a Solar 101.
  OMB Home and Garden Show    April 21st and 22nd  Customer volunteers  welcome.
 S.T.E.M Fair May 5thWe will Have the Ducky Dash and Solar Demos
South Sound Solar – 360-352-7869 – [email protected]