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Had 12 Panels installed in June 2011. Was so impressed that I had them install 12 more panels in October 2011.


Troy B

The January 2012 storm caught us a little off-guard. I was in New Orleans on business and Deanne was stuck in our home in Kirkland. We could not get to our home in Olympia. The power was out according to Puget Sound Energy at our Olympia home for about 3 days….a little more or less after talking with the neighbors. The temperature was at or below freezing. Several years ago we went through a burst pipe situation that ended up with us gutting the entire house and starting over. We vowed to never deal with that again. We had our solar system installed with battery backup to solve for this scenario. We met with Bruce and Kirk and laid out our requirements. The house needed to run on solar/batteries for a minimum of 4 days without our intervention….or sunlight. Kirk and Bruce designed a system for us that has exceeded our expectations. The sunlight was enough to keep recharging the batteries…our house could have gone longer than 4 days without power. When the power is out our furnace runs, the refrigerator keeps humming, and our home remains secure. Secondarily, our system produces clean renewable energy and what we do not use we sell back to PSE.

We are very pleased with our solar power system and battery backup.

Judy K

Summer of 2010 I heard Kirk talk about Solar Power at the Yelm Home Show. Kirk’s main thread through out his presentation was to educate us on how it works and why solar was a smart choice. Kirk was NEVER a sales man. He answered all questions clearly. His main reason for coming to the home show as to educate our community.

The summer of 2011 we installed our solar panels. This summer 2012 our power bill was $0.00 from May to September we have not received Octs bill yet. Plus Puget Power sent us our first anual check for power we produced and sent back into the power grid.

Lori and Travis B. Olympia WA

We worked with many contractors in the process of building our home, and can easily say it was a pleasure to do business with South Sound Solar. They are extremely knowledgeable, reliable, & efficient. They have been great at follow up with the solar panel and hot water system to make sure everything is operating properly. We are very happy with our decision to solar to our home, and absolutely LOVE the yearly production checks. We HIGHLY recommend South Sound Solar.

Jim O. Olympia, WA

Had 12 Panels installed in June 2011. Was so impressed that I had them install 12 more panels in October 2011.

Laura S. Olympia Wa

Hats off and solar on! Kudos to South Sound Solar for such a top notch installation and overall job on with my solar hot water and solar pv systems. I love you guys. What’s not to love with such great people like you.
With your affordable options and rates, my 40 year dream of living solar has been realized. Thanks so much form the bottom to the top of my heart.

Sam Garst Olympia, WA

South Sound Solar has done two installs at our home and repaired/troubleshot an earlier installation. I can wholeheartedly recommend South Sound Solar!! They are professional and meticulous. They under promise and over deliver. The staff is well trained and hard workers.

Jim O. Lacey, Washington

We’re very happy with our South Sound Solar experience. The workmanship is first rate, they take the time to explain what they are doing and why. They listen to your questions and concerns and go out of their way to make you a happy customer. The price is all inclusive so there are no surprises. If you want to go solar, South Sound Solar is the company you should have install it for you.

Jerome P. Olympia, Washington

We employed South Sound Solar to design and install a solar hot water system and to design and install the electrical set-up for a future PV system. In every aspect of design and installation we sound (South Sound Solar) to be informed, capable, and accountable. Work was done on schedule and on budget. We were more than satisfied with our experience.

Noel J. Olympia, Washington

We found South Sound Solar’s work to be first class, (the) team’s craftsmanship well above par, on time and on budget. The array has performed as promised. (South Sound Solar) handled the permit and inspections, it was truly a turn key purchase. There is nothing like watching the meter run backwards. We just got 1/3 of the cost back on our taxes. I strongly recommend the purchase of a PV system as am investment. I am a marine engineer and I saw the attention to detail that went into my job. We shopped solar installers and South Sound Solar was who we choose and we made a good choice.

Ron S. Olympia, Washington

Just a note to thank you again for doing business with me on the solar hardware. My system has been up since the beginning of the month – no hardware issues whatsoever. We made about 30 KwH today, and the best system peak performance has been just shy of 6000 watts. I’m quite pleased with it, and look forward to better production as the year progresses.

Al Schmauder, member Chambers Creek Estuary, Restoration Team

Thanks for the pertinent information about solar ed in schools. I forwarded your info to my contacts in both Steilacoom High School and Washington High School. I think you are into the right market at the right time. We need to get our educators thinking more about science and technology. We will get smarter on this topic and figure out if our schools are willing to go forward. The Kiwanis in Steilacoom and the Clover Creek Council have proposed providing a grant to Steilacoom HS to evaluate the feasibility of adding solar studies to their curriculum and building a solar park by the school. Your information has been extremely helpful.

Thanks for taking the time to share some of your knowledge.

Bill B. Chehalis, Washington

Our SDHW installation didn’t go operational until January 2011. We have a poor site for solar, especially winter solar. In January, the SDHW panel doesn’t see sun until 11:30 AM, and it’s in shade again by 3:00 PM. Even so, in January and February we made hot water any day that the sun was out. Proceeding into March, we’re beginning to make all the hot water we need even on days with light clouds. Can’t wait for April and May!

Bill B. Chehalis, Washington

Your install is exceeding my expectations. You may remember that we have a timer on the water heater. At present, the timer connects the tank elements to the grid for a couple of hours in the evening. We took a chance the other day and turned the timer off. The next day was fairly sunny. Ambient temp never got above about 40 deg. The loop ran for about 3 hours, taking the tank from 60 degrees at the lower probe up to about 110 degrees, which is the same temp that the AC elements achieve. I’m a little bit nervous about what’s gonna happen in August. We might have to put some shadecloth over the panel!

Jan and Emmett B. Olympia, Washington

Mr. Haffner is very pleasant to deal with and we will continue to work with him on extending out system in the future. We highly recommend South Sound Solar to anyone interested in going with an alternative energy source. We have discussed our system with other residents and businesses and South Sound Solar was well known and appreciated.

Please feel free to have anyone contact us we have only positive comments on our experience.

Clydia C. Olympia, Washington

I learned about South Sound Solar from touring a “green” home. Their representatives provided me with an education in the benefits of solar, which have materialized as estimated, and they helped me explain my system to my utility and to my homeowners association. South Sound Solar helped me locate the system to maximize the energy it produced and installed it with a minimum of disruption to my life.

Jan and Emmett B. Olympia, Washington

We want to thank Mr. Haffner for his recent installation of our solar system. We had spoken to Mr. Haffner a couple of years ago after researching our choices and who had the most knowledge and experience in our area. We talked to companies from Pierce County as well as other providers in Thurston County and no one compared with South Sound Solar. After meeting Mr. Haffner we were definitely impressed with his knowledge and detail to the different options that were offered to us. Mr. Haffner is very careful to provide an accurate estimate and kept us informed with all the necessary steps including providing the necessary paperwork for our taxes.

Please feel free to have anyone contact us we have only positive comments on our experience.